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The Cattery

The Cattery

All the chalets are enclosed in one building which has large windows to the front giving our guests a light and airy feeling and not of being incarcerated in a cage.  They are all fully lined in hygienic food grade UPVC which ensures that they can be kept hygienically clean at all times.  The floors are all sealed and nonslip. 

The buildings is fully insulated and has large windows at the front giving the cats a view of the stables, fields and exercise arena for those needing something to keep them entertained or there are quieter chalets that have plenty of natural daylight but not much going on to stress them.





                             Standard Double Chalets.

The sleeping areas are fully insulated and heated with individual
thermostatically controlled heaters, they all have shelves on the
back wall and the side wall where there is a window so the cat has
a choice to either sleep in total privacy or in front of the window where
it can keep an eye on the outside world.






Alternatively on a sunny day they can sleep in the exercise area on the
shelving or browsing platform  to enjoy the sun and keep an eye on the goings on around the cattery.








We have found that even single cats who generally don’t get on with others are re-assured by the presence of other cats (once the initial hissing and growling has finished!)




  There are plenty of fleecy beds and soft blankets provided for your cat to snuggle into and interactive toys and scratching posts are provided.  Please feel free to bring your cat’s own bedding, blankets, jumpers and toys etc. to make them feel more at home and settled.



All  surfaces and bedding are cleaned and disinfected between occupancies and guests are encouraged to keep their chalets clean, or at least help.


However playing or sleeping in the loo is not encouraged!

   Every day your cat will receive as much attention as they need – shy cats are checked on regularly but left alone, whilst cats who like company are given plenty of cuddles and a groom if needed. You will be sent updates regularly with a picture either on Facebook or by text to let you know how they are.







Some of our chalets are designed specifically for the disabled, young or older cat which have lower shelves and are situated nearer the entrance where we can keep a closer eye on them.








Our private home overlooks the chalets in the back garden, ensuring full observation can be made at all times.








You are most welcome to visit us in order to inspect our facilities prior to booking during opening hours or by contacting us for an appointment. However please do avoid visiting other catteries prior to coming to see April Cottage Cattery to avoid any cross infection.
To arrange a viewing please call us now on 01787 247302

Please avoid feeding your cat prior to travelling as some cats may suffer from sickness during transportation. Feed can be given once your cat has been settled in.